Annealing Effects on the Optical Properties of Europium-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Electron-Beam Evaporation

Bashar I. Lahlouh, Hassan K. Juwhari, Mohammad H. Kilani


Europium doped tin oxide (SnOx:Eu) thin films were deposited on silicon and quartz substrates by electron-beam evaporation method. The effects of isothermal annealing temperature on both optical transmission and structure were evaluated by UV-Vis and FTIR measurements. The deposited samples were transparent in the visible light region and down to 320 nm for films annealed at 1100 o C. The optical band-gap energy has been increased from 3.19 eV for the as-deposited samples to 4.29 eV for samples annealed at 1100 oC. The refractive index of the films is found to decrease with increasing annealing temperature. The FTIR spectra of the electron-beam deposited films showed that the intensity of Sn-O bridging peaks and Eu related bands are enhanced at high annealing temperatures.


Tin Oxide, Europium-doped, Optical Thin Films, Rare Earth Doped, Transparent Oxides.

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