Preparation and Structural Study of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)

Mounir Alhamed, Ahmad S. Issa, A. Wael Doubal


Dye sensitized solar cell, DSSC has been made using SOL-GEL technique, the performance and structural characterization of all components of the cell were studied and the current transport mechanism is explained. The prepared DSSC gives good photovoltaic performance compared with other published studies.
The efficiency of the prepared DSSC cell was and filling factor FF = 0.68 (cell size = 4 cm2, Jsc = 1.8 mAcm-2, Voc = 0.52 V).
The study also demonstrated the advantages of DSSC such as ease of preparation, low cost and the possibility of recycling while the major disadvantage of the cell is its low chemical stability over the long term.


Dyes Ensitized Solar Cells DSSC, Optical Electrode, Counter Electrode, Electrolyte

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