Constructing an Experimental Apparatus to Characterize Gas Sensors for Acetone and Ethanol Vapors

Mounir Al-Hamed, Omar Helli, Noura Maznouk


Based on the importance of gas sensors and their applications in different fields, we will present in this study a construction method of an apparatus to characterize gas sensors. Then it will be tested by characterizing four Figaro gas sensors of different family types, for acetone and ethanol vapors.
The temporal response signals of all sensors will be saved in a computer by an acquisition-data board, then some parameters will be calculated by a program designed in our laboratory. The parameters are the reference resistance R0, the steady-state resistance RS, the sensitivity S, the resistance dynamic Slope, the Sensitive response arrival period tr, the Steady-State resistance arrival period tS, and the reactivating period ta).
Finally the previous parameters will be discussed and their repetitive results will be proved.


Gas Sensor, Ethanol, Acetone , Experimental apparatus, Parameters, Sensitivity.

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