Studying Structural, Optical and Eelectrical Properties of Iridium Oxide Thin Films Used as Smart Windows

Mounir AlHamed, Malek Ali, Giath Marate


Iriduim oxide (IrO2) thin films have been successfully prepared by SOL-GEL technique and thermally treated under annealing temperatures of 600C. The films generally show transmittance from 50% to 70% in the visible/near infrared regions of electromagnetic spectrum.
The absorbance and reflectance are of order of 30% and 20% respectively near the UV region and dwindle with higher wavelength. The band gap of the oxide film is in the range of 2.75 eV. and 1.85 eV for direct and indirect transition allowed respectively and the resistance (resistivity) of the four layer films was 1.8E-02 .cm
The oxide film is therefore a good material for electro chromic applications and smart windows.


Iridium oxide (IrO2), Technology Solution Djilatyna (SOL-GEL), The Energy gap (Eg) , Electrochromic, Smart-Windows.

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