Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Self - Generated Magnetic Fields in Plasmas

Muhammad S. Bawa’aneh, S. Al-Awfi, Nabil M. Laham


Space-time evolution of Self-Generated Magnetic Field (SMF) in plasmas is investigated analytically and numerically. The equation for the evolution of the magnetic field has been solved as an initial-value problem. For a general source that includes both thermal and radiative source and by accounting for retardation effects, expressions for the space-time development of the SMF have been obtained in a closed form, for both bounded plasmas and plasmas of infinite extent. Modelling of the self-generated magnetic field by an oscillating Gaussian source with a source strength equal to that of the thermoelectric source has been discussed. The peak values of the SMF for a typical laser - produced plasma are found to be MG and MG for the charge states Z= 10 and Z = 20, respectively.


Plasma, Magnetic field generation, Magnetohydrodynamics

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