Implant Survival Rate, Post-Operative Healing and Complications Following Dental Implant Surgery

Ziad Malkawi, Mahmoud K. AL-Omiri


The aim of this prospective clinical trial was to evaluate the post-operative healing, complications, and implant success rate following the insertion of dental implants. Eighty six consecutive patients (26 males and 60 females) aged 21 to 83 years old (mean=49.12±14.48 years) were recruited into this study. All patients received dental implants under local anaesthesia, had pre-operative oral antibiotic cover and used post-operative chlorhexidine mouth wash. Healing as well as immediate and late complications following implant surgery; including pain, swelling, trismus, paraesthesia, bleeding, infection and implant mobility; were assessed up to one year following the surgery. The most frequent immediate post operative complications included pain (96.5% of patients), swelling (54.7% of patients), infection (1.2% of patients), and numbness (2.3% of patients). Adequate healing was observed in 171 implants and healing was improved with time. Seven implants failed, resulting in a failure rate of 3.9%. Age and gender had no significant relations to implant failure, post-operative complications and healing following implant insertion (p>0.05). Less immediate post-operative complications were associated with better healing at recall intervals (p< 0.05). Implant survival rate was very high in this report and exceeds 96%. The most frequent reported complications in this study were pain, swelling, infection and numbness. Certain factors including post-operative complications, type of implant, and number of inserted implants affected implant survival rate. This should be considered during planning for implant surgery in order to reduce post-operative complication and thus improve the outcome of the provided treatment.


Dental Implant, Post-Operative Complications, Survival Rate of Implants

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