Insulin-Like Material in the Digestive Tract of the Freshwater Snail Helisoma duryi (Mollusca: Pulmonata)

A. M. Abdraba, S. Saleuddin


Insulin-Like Material was detected in the tissues of the freshwater snail Helisoma duryi. Insulin-immunoreactive cells were detected in the base of the epithelial layer of the intestine using porcine insulin antiserum. The amount of insulin-like material in the tissues was measured using human insulin radio- immunoassay. The amount measured in the digestive gland and intestine (homogenized together) was significantly higher than that measured in the digestive gland alone. Fed snails had higher levels of insulin-like material than did starved ones. The results suggest the possible involvement of this material in metabolism.


Mollusca, Helisoma, Insulin, Immunocytochemistry, Digestive tract.

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