The Role of Reseasrch and Development in the Advancement of Technology and Economic Growth: A Computer Model to Measure Efficiency and Technology

Q. S. Al-Fahadi, N. Q. Al-Shahwany, R. A. Al-Dabbagh


The main purpose of this study is formulating a package program for a large number of arithmetic operations, transformations, and its statistical applications for a previously suggested model; a new econometric work, in which the study admits measuring the embodied efficiency and technical changes (i.e. in labor and in capital). None of the post local or abroad works did that before. Those changes are due to innovational activities of Research and Development (R&D) throughout the industrial (or agricultural) processes of production or at the whole macroeconomic level.
The study, at the same time, concerns the subscripted automation capabilities between two or more of much applied science scopes, so as economics, arithmetics, statistics and computers.
The study reached many conclusive trends for the effectiveness of this tremendous choice. Those results assisted the framework of the suggested model in summarizing great efforts of necessarily high technician work for obtaining an output of seventy three columns of economic variables, fifteen pages of quantitative analysis procedures, and fifteen diagrams of the most important variables. All these outputs can be made within few seconds. The applications of the model show impressive results with perfect success, suggesting widening and developing this type of work and making use of its applications.

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