Modeling Exposure to Natural Radioactivity in Building Materials

J. M. Sharaf, M. S. Shekakhwa, T. F. Hussein


Models have been developed to enable prediction of the external gamma dose rate and indoor radon concentration inside a typical dwelling in Jordan.
Concrete and other major construction materials used in Jordan were assessed for 40K, 226Ra and 232Th radioactivity. The external gamma dose rate inside a typical Jordanian room of 4×4×3 m3 was predicted using the gamma model GINEX.
The internal radiation exposure, due to the short-lived decay products of radon that exhales into room air from building materials, was assessed using the radon model. Calculations on concrete were performed to study both diffusive and convective radon transport as well as the effect of pressure gradient on radon exhalation rate. The calculated values were compared with values measured by other authors in some parts of Jordan, and the exposure levels are discussed in terms of limits to the accepted natural levels recommended by the ICRP.


Radiation exposure; Radiation dose; Gamma radiation; Radon gas.

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