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Journal Homepage Image Dirasat is an international peer-refereed research journal published in seven specialized series by the Deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan. Issues of Dirasat: Pure Sciences are published bi-annually. Articles submitted are reviewed according to the highest standards by scientists specialized in their fields. The articles are written in Arabic or English.

Editorial Team:
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Abeer Fayez Mustafa Al-Bawab;
Editorial Secretary: Aisha Alissa,Fakhri Hamdan,Ayed Sabra .;

Current Issue: Vol 39, No 1 (2013)

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Table of Contents


Studying Structural, Optical and Eelectrical Properties of Iridium Oxide Thin Films Used as Smart Windows PDF
Mounir AlHamed, Malek Ali, Giath Marate
Constructing an Experimental Apparatus to Characterize Gas Sensors for Acetone and Ethanol Vapors PDF
Mounir Al-Hamed, Omar Helli, Noura Maznouk
Preparation and Structural Study of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) PDF
Mounir Alhamed, Ahmad S. Issa, A. Wael Doubal
Antimicrobial Activity of the Plant Extracts of Inula Graveolens and Inula Viscosa PDF
AbdelAleem Bello, Adnan Qashlan
Recording New Two Species from Order Calanoida (Copepoda) and Studying their Vertical Distribution in the Syrian Arab Coastal Water PDF
Kamal Al- Hanoun, Majed Hamameh
Metal Complexes of Multidentate Schiff Base-Azo Ligand: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity PDF
Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani
The Effects of Treatment and Immigrants on the Dynamics of SIS Epidemic Model PDF
Raid Kamel Naji, Shurowq Kadhum Shafeeq
Annealing Effects on the Optical Properties of Europium-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Electron-Beam Evaporation PDF
Bashar I. Lahlouh, Hassan K. Juwhari, Mohammad H. Kilani
Ultrasonic Waves Stimulate the Activity of Thymine Nucleotide Biosynthetic Enzymes, Nucleic Acids and Proteins Content of Sesamum Indicum L. Stem Calli PDF
Nihal E. Al-Taee, Sajida A. Abood, Mozahim K. Al-Mallah
Natural and Contaminated Radioactive isotopes in Soils of Salah Aldeen, Iraq PDF
Shaker M. Al-Jobori, Ali A. Fahad Al-Taii, Farid M. Mohammed, Marwan R. Abass
Corrosion Study of Galvanized Steel in Salty Acidic and Basic Solutions PDF
Khulood Abid Al-Saade, Hayfaa A. Abas
The Distribution of Lysozyme in Various Fluids and Tissues of the Chicken with Reference to Polymorphism PDF
Zainab I. Bazlamit, Ibrahim M. Ibrahimi

ISSN: 1560-456x