The change of things we swear on

Anas Al-Awatli, Hamza Qtaish, Mahmoud Al-O’mari


Praise be to Allah, Prayer and peace be upon his prophet Mohammad:
Jurist studied dozens of examples related to the changes in things we swear on and they explain it in the chapter of faith. They tried hard to sit up this kind of problems. They put rules to gather these examples under specific classifications. However, it needs to be classified modernly to make it easier to refer for it.
On one hand, after gathering the examples about this case and discussing it, researchers try to compare between doctrines through showing the difference of the rules for each direction and arranging a new modern classification. It also tries to find the common elements in order to extract one methodology regardless of the doctrines differences.
On the other hand, in this case, we have very many examples that is not consistent with idiosyncratic rules. Therein lies part of the problem of the study which urged researchers to select and put more than one rule to reach to the same examples because of the differences of the limits for each example. In measurement, this is known as acceptance of one branch more that origin.


The change of things we swear on. Changing by name demise. Changing by ownership demise. Changing by characteristics demise.


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