Legal Regulation of Work Domestics and their Equivalents in the UAE and Jordanian Legislation

Mohammad Abu Al-Haija, Sakhr Khasawneh


The study titled “Legal regulation of wordomestics and their equivalents in the UAE and Jordanian legislation.
Showed that: the aforementioned laborers enjoy in Jordan with group of rights, such as setting their working hours, and their weekly annual, and sick leaves. On the other hand the legislation obliged them with some legal duties such as; to respect family privacy and society’s culture. While these rights and duties are not regulated in Emirate legislations. Despite the enacted a bill of house worker. But it’s not approved yet by specialized authority.
Study recommend Jordan legislature to enforce minmum wage, beside recommend Emirate legislature to approve and publish houseworker Act.


Housework, Household Laborers, Labour Law.


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