Toward Decreasing Difference by Mercy

Nida Mohammad Zaqzouq, Mohammad Al-Baiti


To become acquainted with one another depending on Faith, is considered to be an approach to Al Daa’wa for God and a mean to co-operate in creating civilizations and breeding new generations as God successors on Earth. Challenges such as; nuclear wars, terrorism, environmental pollution, Global warming, famines and wars do not threaten one nation without the others. So, the only way to encounter these troublesome issues is through acquaintance and co-operation for the sake of common human interests.
However, raising conversations depending on common interests is not enough by itself. The primary basis for conversation and acquaintance is the initial agreement on Faith centrality in human configuration. This research is to enhance the Faith issue as the basic ground for acquaintance and conversation and to eliminate the narrow-minded difference and deal with it on bases of understanding and mercy relating to the view that difference in general is just a positive variation in means and representatives and a unity in aims and goals keeping in mind that the reason behind difference is to reach acquaintance.


Acquaintance, Difference, Faith Centrality.


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