Worshiping and its Relationship to Oneness

Mohammad Al-Omari


The present study investigates the relationship between worshiping and Oneness, and answers the question about the reason behind worshipong and whether Allah needs our worshiping or not.
The study shows the impact of worship on Man and society which needs worshiping for the sake of it’s elevation to the level of highness of humanity which makes human kind able to serve as vicegerent on earth, and to be the society of virtue as Islam seeks it to be.
The study also shows that worshiping is not only confined to ritual practices of prayers, fasting…etc. On the contrary worshiping has a comprehensive and wide sense which covers Man from inside and outside. Worshiping also includes doing good deeds, abandoning denied deeds, mental activities like deep thinking and reflection which all should be reflected on behavior as a vicegerent in the universe which is committed to the ethics of best of nations and mankind.


Worshiping, Oneness.


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