The Abuse of the Right of Custody

Ashraf Mohmmad banikenaneh


The research aims to describe provisions relating to abuse of the right of custody as including scholars in their books, and highlight the different interpretations until our time on this issue. The search may be of an introduction and four detectives; the first episode dealt with the definition of terms in the title search, then choose an appropriate definition and section II of the most important issues affecting the standard abuse of the right of custody and four important issues relating to the conditions of custody of the agreed borderline, so moving the child “Al-Mahdoun” from the country custody and parental relationship with the child, and finally, at the end of the incubation, the round kicks in these matters is: The interests of the child, and has appeared in the jurisprudence scholars through the ages, as outlined by section III is marked to indicate the impact of abuse of right to opinions of Jurists and their statements, judicial decisions, and in the personal status laws in various countries Arabic, then had a detective section IV which included controls dedicated servers to prevent abuse of the right of custody and eight controlling poiats, comes before obeying the interests of the child.


Abuse, Incubation, Appurtenance, Adverb, Idiopathic.


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