The Approved Companionship in Al-Hadith Al-Da'eef at the Classifiers of Prophet's Companionship Identifying (Critical Study)

Abedrabbuh S. Abu Se'ilek, Mohammad A. Abu Al-Nour


Our esteamed scientists looked after distinguishing the prophet's companionship from others. They wrote their names, characters and stories. They did their best to count them and to determine who the prophet's companionship was and who was not. Also they determine who listened to him and who did not. Who saw him and who did not? Accurately and comprehend. The researcher tried to prove, through scientists deeds, the relationship by" weak saying" of prophet's companionship. He used examples taken from books about disputed names in order to study and to pave the way to this study by mentioning references related to this issue. He concluded it through mentioning group of results he reached to like: Scientists put ways to distinguish the real prophet's companionship from others in order not to allow other names to enter the list. Narration is considered the best way. Not all mentioned names are considered companionships. Their classifications of companionships have names of all mentioned as prophet's companionship whether correct or incorrect. Most of classifiers are in favour of proving the companionship with weak narration whatever the degree of weakness according to their method in dealing with narration of Al- magazine and Al-sair knowing the companionship is part of this.


The Approved Companionship, The Classifiers of Prophet’s Companionship Identifying, Al-Hadith Al-Da’eef, Critical Study.

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