The Comments of Al-Hafez Bin Hijr in his book “Al-Isabah Fi Tamyees Al-shaba" (the Touch in Distinguishing the Friends of the Prophet) on Al-Hafez Bin Abdulbar in his book “Ta’aqubat Al-Isti’ab fi Ma’rifat Al-Ashab fe Ethbat Al-Suhbah Wa Nafyoha" (Comment

AbdulRahman M. Mashaqbeh, AbdulKareem A. Wraikat


This paper examined the follow up of Al-Hafez Bin Hijr Al-Asqalani in his book "Al-Isabah fi Tamyeez Al-Sahaba"(Hitting the Target in Distinguishing the Friends), which aims at confirming or negating the friendship, as well as the comments on Al-Hafez Bin AbdulBar in His book "Comprehension in Knowing the Friends", that are related with the classification of the friends in particular, due to the importance of the opinion of those two scientists in general in the Andalusi School. The latter scientists however, attempted to touch the target, while one of them dealt with the type of comprehension that belongs to the eastern school.


Comments, Al-Hafez Bin Hijr, Al-Hafez Bin Abdul Bar, Al-Isabah fi- Tamyeez Al-Sahaba.

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