The Actions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as an Imam Leader - Its Domains and Its Restrictions

Isam Abusnaineh


The first and the most important task of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is to report to people what has been revealed to them from their Lord, the Almighty. In addition to that, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was the imam of the nation and its leader. Therefore, it was only natural and logical that certain aspects of his actions are related to prophecy and reporting and other aspects are related to imamate and leadership. This research aims to distinguish between these two types of prophetic actions within both the domains and restrictions. The consequences of this distinction will lead to the solution of legislative and deep intellectual problems that have largely influenced the contemporary Islamic legislative and intellectual patterns. The researcher tracked the actions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in various domains: political, military, administrative and others. The aim was to highlight the most important restrictions governing this distinction.To achieve the purpose of the research, this research is divided into three sections: the first is devoted to discuss the importance of this distinction; the second to discuss the domains of the Prophetic behaviors in their relevance to Imamate and leadership; and the third to discuss the restrictions governing these behaviors. Finally, the conclusion highlights the most important findings and recommendations.


Actions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) distinction between actions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Actions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an Imam, Leadership, restrictions.


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