Testing the Objectivity of Orientalists from Jewish and Christian Backgrounds in What Pertains to Islam William Montgomery Watt as A Case Study

Amjad Qourshah, Sawsan Hakouz


It has been believed by number of researchers that many Orientalists are so objective and neutral in their opinions about Islamic issues, even though they are from Christian and Jewish backgrounds and sometimes they are priests.
William Montgomery Watt, a British Orientalist, has composed a collection of books on Islamic studies.
He has been described by many as the “sympathetic Orientalist”. He claimed the position of “objectivity and neutrality” in his books.
Even though he was not a specialist in Qur'anic studies but the dangerous hidden messages that he sends while discussing the biography of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him cannot be ignored. In specific what is related to the influence of Judaism and Christianity on the Qur'an.
This study will attempt to unveil this claim by highlighting evidences that show to what degree this Orientalist deserves this "description" or not.
This will be proved by illustrating, investigating and clarifying Watt’s methodology throughout his books. In what pertains to how objective and neutral he is and refutes some of them.


Orientalism, Orientalists, Christian missionary, Christianity, objectivity.

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