The Authority of Head of State to Oppose the Laws in the Constitutional System of Jordan (Comparative Study)

Faisal Shatnawi, Saleem Hatamleh


Constitutions and parliamentary bylaws ensure clarifying the constitutional and legislative mechanisms which a law passes through since the draft until it becomes a valid law.
The draft law goes through several constitutional channels, each of which has certain requirements and certain time limits.
The Jordanian constitution and the constitutions of the comparison countries have addressed the phases of the legislative process. And what matters in this regard, is the authority of the Head of State in opposing the bills approved by the parliament.
This significant instrument illustrates the rank of the head of state and his role in the political system.
It’s an action that by which the head of state imposes his authority on the well of the parliament and completes the work related to making of law.


Head of State, Laws, Constitutional System

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