Banks in Islam and it’s Application to Ensure the Rented Object

Ismael AlBarrishi


This study aims to highlight the Provisions of the jurisprudential associated with ensuring the damages and the breakdowns that occur on the eye rented by the tenant or another, and to identify the civic responsibilities in this regard on the Constituent parties of the contract, whether in its jurisprudence, or in banking, specifically the leasing which is ending with ownership. The study aimed to indicate the extent of twin banking applications in this part with the provisions of Islamic law and with the jurisprudence established in this field through the statement of the concept of insurance and leasing ending with ownership, and to explain the provisions and doctrinal issues associated with ensuring rented in Islamic jurisprudence, and the floodlight to the terms Aljalih with regard to ensuring objects leased and include them by Islamic banking in models of contracts leasing and pre-prepared, and access to all of this leading results and recommendations of the researcher of the study, which was deposited in the conclusion.


Islamic Banks, Ensuring, Rented

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