The Legal System of Promotion in Government Jobs

Safa Swailmieen


This study tried to cover the legal system of Promotion in Government Jobs, which is one of the most important job regulations, a way to guarantee the highly and efficient functioning in the administrative body. In addition of being material and moral motive built on public employee needs, also we try define the promotion and it's importance in Jordanian promotion legal system.
Out of this study, we have an important conclusion that promotion system even it tries to elevate the efficiency and functionality of the administrative body in the state, maintains the best human resources and talented people, it may be become a destroying method which stops job efficiency, this led trying to balance between public interest and employees interest a way from any foreign or illegal element.
Finally, we recommend some legal issues to organize promotion system, promotion should be built upon efficiency bases, taking care of all employee working of the governmental administrative body to get their opportunity to share in promotion operation.


Legal System, Promotion, Government Job.

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