B.O.T Contract and Its Application under the Jordanian Legal System

Nofan A. Al-Ajarmeh


B.O.T contract plays an important role in countries that adopt the free economy theory, where many countries refer to the private sector in order to administrate and exploit public utilities, in which such issue is managed through what is known as concession contract.
In this research, we are trying to discuss the B.O.T contract theory under the Jordanian legislative and judiciary legal system, since the Jordanian legislator did not create a general legislation for organizing the various legal issues concurring the concession contract or B.O.T contract. However, the Jordanian constitution ordered to issuance a private law for gaining each concession separately.
Therefore, several private laws were enacted to grant and certify various concession rights, where in consequence various legal rules and different practical applications arose among concession contracts. Consequently, this research focuses on the legal effect of the B.O.T contract.


Administrative Law, Administrative Contract, Concession Contract.

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