Financing Through Reversed Tawarruq as it is in the Experience of Islamic Banks Which Include it in their Activities “A Descriptive Foundational Study”

Gathafi Al-Ghananeem


Some of the Islamic banks and finance institutions adopted the reversed Tawarruq as one of the alternative financial tools of long term deposits which are common in conventional banks for getting cash in cases of its shortage by using their client’s current accounts.
The present research shows that this tool consists of a number of contracts which eventually lead to a prohibited usury loan. This is because its executive procedures do not agree with the Islamic economical thought which considers the elements of risk and valued productivity in economical activities and banking.
The activities included in the use of this tool are suspicious in the Islamic economical system as means for obtaining money.


Al-Tawarruq, Reserved Tawarruq, Contemporary Financial Transactions, Islamic Financing, Islamic Banks.

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