The Impact of the Penalty Clause on the Rights of the Parties through the Implementation of the Contract

Zeben M. Zeben


This Study examines a substantial problem related to the Labour rights within his relationship with the employee under the contract obligations. It would be certain that each party aims to get contractual guarantees inside the legal guarantees to implement the contract and its obligations. Therefore the clause of penalty has been formed one of the guarantees which followed by the parties in the contract.
In this regard, the most important question which might be appear as what is the impact of the penalty clause, and to what extent this term could guarantee the rights of the parties through the implementation of the contract?
In addition to that, this study deals with the problems that reveals once including the term of penalty to the labour contract especially when this term related to the legal compulsory rules as it would be certain that such this clause consider as agreed compensation governed by the civil law rules and the Figh of individual rules, hence examine its impact on the compensation rules could be requested as a related demand to the case study.


Contract, Obligations, Labour.

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