Al Inba'a Book in Holy Qura'an Intonation by Ibn Al-Tahan Al-Andalusi

Ahmad Al Oudah


(Al Inba'a) Book in Holy Qura'an Intonation, for Ibn Al-Tahan Al-Andalusi, is considered to be one of the major books that studied Qura'anic intonation, readings and phonics. The author is considered to be a vital figure especially in the field of Qura'anic intonation.
The book also contains a variety of very important classifications and details about some Qura'anic intonation rules: case marker classification, (Tahreer al Sokoon), (Tahreer Maqaderha), sound extending and its divisions, the rules of /N/ Al-noon and nonation, light and dark letters, (Al Fatah, Al Imalah, Al Taqleel), and stopping at the end of words. The author has served the book by:
First, Making two hand copies, and these are the only copies of the book.
Second, Adding a biography for the book's author, book over view, a description for two copies, and the method that was used for investigating, and Finally, commenting on the next to clarify unclear things. By doing this, the researcher has made sure that he has prepared a book which will have great importance for readers and researchers. Also, the researcher has developed a book very similar to the original one.


Al-Inba'a, Qura'an Intonation, Phonics

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