The Right of Respondent in Silence at the Pre-Trial Stage in Jordan's Penal Legislation

Abdullah Mohammad Ehjelah, Jehad Daifallah Aljazy


This study presents the right of respondent in silence at the pre-trial stage in Jordan's penal legislation. This study has focused on addressing the legal basis on this right, as well as assessing the existence of this right is implied in the Jordanian penal legislation (the Penal Code and the code of criminal procedure). This right is connected a human right and it is a fundamental rule concerning respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, even when he is indictable by public authorities.
The right to silence has made global declarations and international conventions, and made sure some States in their constitutions and domestic legislation, on the basis of two principles: the principle of the right to non self-incrimination and the second principle is the origin of accused person in innocence.


Respondent, Silence, Penal Legislation.

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