Religious and Legal Visions of Family "Honor" Killing

Mohammad M. Shalash


This paper discusses a phenomenon of great danger which takes place in the Islamic & Arab societies: murder on the grounds of the so-called "Family Honor”. It informs Muslims of the seriousness of these crimes and their negative impact on the society. Part one of the study discusses the intentional killing and its (sentence) or punishment in Islam. Part two examines the aspects of family honor killing, causes stand behind the spread of this phenomenon, the dangers or risks and solutions related to it, and the preventive measures to be taken. Part three addresses Islamic law (Sharia) related to such crimes. Part four sheds the light on the position of Jordanian law with regard to these crimes. The value of this research stems from the necessity to clarify the serious consequences of such crimes on the society. Summary of research results and some recommendations presented for further research.


Killig, Family Honor.

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