The Basics of the Parliamentary System and its Problems in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq

Zana Rauf Hama Kareem, Dana Abdulkarim Saeed


Achieved a parliamentary system, as one of the most prominent systems parliamentary great success in the application in England, after the political and constitutional developments during the long, proven through which the basic principles for the establishment of this system and of the duality of the executive branch and the separation flex between the authorities based on balance and mutual control between the two the legislative and executive branches. Which made a lot of states to rely on this system, including the Republic of Iraq in accordance with the Constitution of 2005 and the Kurdistan Region - Iraq, according to the laws of a constitutional nature, but what we observe that the basic principles of this system has afflicted a lot of bugs and sparked Problems big in the nature of the existing system in the Kurdistan Region to make it in the end a parliamentary system skewed, especially as the legal reality and applied in this region may demolition of equality between the two due to Enlarge role of the president of the region and the exercise of de facto authorities, causing it to lose a lot of the basics of the parliamentary system, so that has become the reality of this system depend on the fact that the role of the president of the region in this system.


Parliamentary System, Kurdistan, Iraq

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