The Approach of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Hpennekh in his Interpretion (Tafseer)

Jehad M. Al-Nusairat, Obaidah A. As’ad


This research includes a trying to track the approach of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Hpennekh in his interpretation (Tafseer), preceded by the definition of him, his interpretation, and the writing rules in which he built his interpretation on.
It has been emerged through the research that this interpretation is not without criticism. Although he was interseted is the Mathur, events and thematic unity as well as frequent readings and language, etc., he presented non defended interpreted Israelis and texts by non worthless redundancy, and he did not document the words of the scholars. The study shows that his interpretation is widely full of knowledge and meanings, and it can be described as an objective interpretation.


Interpretation, Abdul Rahman Hpennekh.

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