The Compensation for Disfigurement

Mohammad Al-Amawi


The aesthetic damage or disfigurement of the most important damage in humans, because this damage affects the aesthetics and phenotypic side in the human body. Jurists and scholars also the judicial decisions have disagreed about compensate for this damage, some of whom said that to compensate this damage on the basis of moral damage, others said that it compensated on the basis of that material damage but within other damage is the permanent partial disability damage. Therefore, the researcher explained in this study, the concept of disfigurement, it is physical damage, not moral, and that damage is independent of any other damage, so it has individually compensated. The researcher explained Islamic jurisprudence look at disfigurement and how to be compensated in Islam. He also explained the external considerations that affect the compensation for this damage.
Finally, the researcher reached to several conclusions and recommendations


Aesthetic, Disfigurement, Compenstation

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