The Analyzing and Evaluation of the Legislations and Practices of the Local Administration in Jordan as a First Step towards Its Development

Suleiman S. Batarseh


This study aims to analyze and evaluate the legislations and practices of local administration in Jordan. Exposed under villages law No 5 of 14954, Municipalities law No 29 of 1955, the regulation of Joint Services Councils under 1983 regulation and the new Combination of municipalities of 2001.

The study concluded that a thorough and a comprehensive restructuring of local entities, in the light of new scientific, social technological advancements, is badly required. Such a process will be directed towards the election of councils for each region while the Muhafeth himself will be nominated by government i.e. Council of Ministers. The study suggested that (AL Muhafathat) will become real regional entities through the election of their representatives.

The number of representatives and senators, on the national level, will be decreased to count for the number of representatives chosen on the regional level. Such changes will help to decrease expenses and at the same time improve representation on the regional level.


Local Administration, Jordan

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