The Availability of Assiduity at this Era and the Allegation of Obstructing its Topic

Aref E. Hassouneh


A legal counsel has been given by a body of fit scientists in the preceding era of tradition to prohibit the assiduity for those who are capable of it, and to obstruct the topic, and this is what augmented in its devoting at the emphasis at the conditions of assiduity after the fourth hegira century; until this statement of obstructing the topic of assiduity led to a lot of damages, of which the least of importance are: lagging behind from it, interruption of the natural abilities and the knacks that are capable of it, after the inclusion of the imperfection upon the body of Islamic law (Shari'a) by then hampering the pillar of assiduity in which the knowledge of the new development governance is to be found, and upon its brain trust the path would be available for the endurance of its perfection and validity for every period of time and place.

Upon this statement of obstructing the topic of assiduity, it encountered the senior and contemporary scientists who denied it and saved it, and revealed to people its incorrectness, which was mentioned in this brief research -subsequently- to confirm it after scrutinizing it, with the result of the right evidentiary fact according to what is true of these two statement which is more meritorious with the correctness than others.


Assiduity, Tradition, Doctrinal Assiduity.

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