The Approval of Al-Imam and It’s Impact on the Rulings of Worships

Thiyab A. Aqel, Abdelmajeed A. Alenizi


This study tackles the subject matter of the approval of al-Imam, the governor, and its impact on the rulings of worships. It aims to assess all the issues related to this theme in the perspective of the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence including their evidence and the selected opinion for the researcher.

This paper defines the approval as a term, and studies its impact on the prayer, Masjid, and the different types of group prayers. This is in addition to, its impact on al-Zakah and its duties and distribution, and its impact on the collection of the hidden property. Furthermore, this research sheds light on the impact of the Imam's approval on fasting and pilgrimage worships.


Imam, The Approval of Al-Imam.

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