The Allegation of "Al-Tallaq" with "Tamred's Form" by Reason of Briefing and Narration of the Text in Its Meaning in Saheh Al-Bokari: An Analytical Critical Study

M. Hanbarji, B. Jawabrih


Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi is the base to which Al-Bukhaari attached the "Tamred's term" and which he assigned elsewhere in his book. This base is due to consider the briefing of al Hadeeth context rather than its term. Ibn Hajjar had also determined it but with more expansion in its use and applications. This study is to evaluate the mentioned base, show its validity and insure the approach which al-Bukhaari followed and used in the "Tamred term".


Al-Bukhaari Attached the "Hadeeth" by "Tamred's Term".

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