Testing the Hadith Narrators: Its Methods and Ways

Mahmoud A. Rasheed


This research investigates the methods, means and ways used by hadith scholars and students for detecting the level of integrity and accuracy of hadith narrators. This is also to assure that these qualities did not change by time. These methods could have been by a reques from the scholar or the examiners. The literal and technical meanings of testing the narrators are investigated and defined in this paper. Of the direct methods used for testing the integrity of the narrators is asking the narrator about the authorities from whom he heard the hadith, his teacher's description, the place of hearing the hadith, the time of hearing the hadith, al-tadlis or concealment of the defects. Of the methods used for testing the accuracy of the narrator is al-qalb or reversion of the text and sanad of the hadith, tasheef corruption in the names or texts, claiming the missing of the books, al-talqeen checking the accuracy by the hadith dictation test and al-dabt or the correction of the names.


The Methodology of Hadith, The Science of Contestation and Justification of Hadith Narrators

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