The Concept of Al-Rizq between Al-Mu'atazilah and Sunnah Followers and Its Relation with Al-Qadar

Rajih Kurdi, Sharif Al-Khateeb


In this research paper an entire concept of belief in the Islamic doctrine is tackled. It is the concept of ‘Al Rizq’ (earning or gain) which man gains through business or heritage and the inclusiveness of this concept,which includes all what Allah, the All Mighty grants to all creatures and human beings in particular.All that follows the doctrine of monotheism or theism, which refers everything to Allah in creation and destiny.
This research paper resolves the complexity in the concept of gain in life. The complexity in interpretation is between two big schools of thought in Islam; Al Mu’atazilah and the Sunnah followers. The concept of (Rizq) earning is tackled by Al Mu’atazilah who concluded that illegal earning is not earning (Rizq) based on the rule which states that what is graceful is what the intellect considers as graceful and what is ugly is what the intellect considers as ugly. Consequently, they do not attribute the unlawful earning to Allah. On the other hand, the Sunnah followers contradict them and oppose their point of view and according to them what is graceful is what the Islamic law considers as graceful and what is ugly is what the Islamic legislation considers as ugly. Therefore, the Islamic legislation indicates that Allah, the All Mighty is the founder of everything and the human earning is part of Allah's creation and the destiny of the human being (Al Abd) whether this earning is lawful or unlawful. Since the belief conception refers everything to Allah, the All Mighty in all aspects of knowledge, creation, ordination or will, execution and what is lawful or unlawful has no association with this belief, but the consequences of the earning and the deeds of the human whether in line with the Islamic legislation or not.
Therefore, this research tackles the relationship of (Al-Rizq) with (Al-Qadar) in its four levels: The knowledge, the coding or writing, the volition or will, the execution and destiny and the effect of those four levels on the life of a Muslim.

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