Why and How Should We Understand the Quran?

Yashar Dozanly


The Quran is the holy answer to those who have questions and problems with life and existence. The answer was inspired by God the Almighty in Muhammed son of Abdullah’s heart. The divine message firstly was transmitted by Him to His close neighbourhood from there to all humanity in accordance with its origin.
The Quran of today is the same as revealed to Muhammed in 610 AC. This holy message has been waiting for meeting those who are aware of problems and questions about life. We tried to express the reason why the meeting is necessary. The answer of how Quran describes itself actually puts forward why the human being should be connected with it. For the meeting takes place on the safe ground it has been explained how we should understand Quran.


The Holy Quran, the holy answer, to read, to understand, the text, the dialog

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