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Journal Homepage Image Dirasat is an international peer-refereed research journal published in seven specialized series by the Deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan. Issues of Dirasat: Shari'a and Law Sciences are published bi-annually. Articles submitted are reviewed according to the highest standards by scientists specialized in their fields. The articles are written in Arabic or English.

Editorial Team:
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Abeer Fayez Mustafa Al-Bawab;
Editorial Secretary: Ms. Leena Mohammed Hyari;

Current Issue: Vol 41 (2014): SUPPLEMENT -3

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Table of Contents


The Production of Law between State and Society PDF
Mourad Bensaid
Unjustified Punishment Theory and its Applications in the Jordanian Legislation -A comparative study- PDF
Rashed I. Al-Shashani
The of Grade of Trustworthiness Quranic Interpretation Presented on the Religious Satellite Channel Programs in the View of the Jordan University’s Sharia Faculty Students PDF
Jihad Al-Nusairat, Ayman Khater
Trafficking in Human Beings “As A Transantional Crime” and Ways of Fighting it “Analytical Study in the Light of International and National Legislations. PDF
Mohammed Jameel Nsour
The Author Khalil Abd al-Karim and his book Fatrat al-Takwin fi Hayat al-Sadiq al-Amin A Critical Study PDF
Ibrahim Barakat Awad
Sayings of Omar Bin Abdul Aziz's in the exegesis of Legal verses “collecting and study" PDF
Abdullh A al-zyout
The Methods of Emam Albaihaqi in Education through his Book “The Biggest Methods of Albaihaqi PDF
Najah M. Al-Azzam
Inheritability of the divorced women in comparison between Law and Jurisprudence PDF
Eyad Ayed Alsamhan, Muntaha Daoud Hijazi
Weighing up the Pros and Cons, a Path to Empowerment in Legitimate Politics PDF
Osama A. Alghonmeyeen, Abdulla M. Rababa’a, Abdulla I. Al-Salama
The Criminal Liability of Judicial Expert: A Comparative Study between Jordan and UAE PDF
Ibrahim S. Al-Qatawneh
The Types of (Lamma) and their Meanings in the Qur'an through the Interpretation of "Alkshaf" for Zmkshcri PDF
Nizar A. Saleh
The Interpreter’s Attitude, Towards the Reasons of the Descent of the Two Chapters of Al-Moa’wathatayn PDF
Sami M. Ihraiz
Islamic Legislation for Creativity and an Analysis of the Era of the Prophet (Pbuh) In The Light Of Creativity PDF
Mohammed Abdul Hameed Al-Khateeb, Ali bin Ibrahim Saud Al-Ajeen
Examining the Manuscript of"Alwujoh Almusferah Fi Alqeraat Althlath Almutawaterah" PDF
Ibtehaj Radi Abd AlRahman

ISSN: 1026-3748