Elements of Harmony in Marital Life and its Relationship to Social Factors: A Study on a Sample of Couples Working in The Public Schools in Northern Jordan

Yousef Damen Al khataybeh


This study aimed to know the elements of harmony in marital life for couples working in the public schools in northern Jordan, in the light of a set of social factors, and the study was conducted on a random sample consisting of deliberate (388) as husband and wife, data was collected by questionnaire contained 17 points.
The study found that the level of marital adjustment higher in males than females and this is due to keenness of males to maintain elements of marital adjustment, and mature understanding, apparently in great satisfaction of wives on the performance of marital roles and the exercise of the dimensions of marital adjustment in martial life, while the study showed weak satisfaction of husbands towards their wives to the performance dimensions of compatibility. The main components of marital adjustment in order to maintain the issues of romance and aesthetics such as hygiene and adornment, and maintain and commitment of religious behaviors between couples, couples keenness for the security of relations between them and respect and understand each other needs , and the lack of complaints and vulnerability in some conditions and exciting challenges and prevent the interference of others in solving these issues, In addition to the intellectual and scientific compatibility between couples.
The study results did not show test contrast any differences attributable to sex, family size, place of residence, while the study found differences attributable to the academic qualification, monthly income in the components of marital adjustment, and the differences in favor of highly educated master's degree or higher, and those with high-income category.


Marriage, Compatibility, Components, Marital Life, Roles

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