The Impact of the 2008 World Financial Crisis on Homelessness in Developed Countries: the Case Study of New York City

Hussaen A Kahachi


This study is concerned with the 2008 World Financial Crisis impact on homelessness in developed cities and the associated affordable housing response. After giving a brief background about homelessness and its size in the United States, the study discusses homelessness nature in New York, its size/scale and the main individual/structural causes through the housing pathway framework within the 2008 financial crisis role on homelessness. The study then critically review the federal and local responses to homelessness pointing out the main policy instruments used and the possible strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the study lists some recommendations such as lower level of welfare system, group borrowing, and providing jobs.


Affordable Housing, Homelessness, 2008 World Financial Crisis, Housing Pathway Framework, Homelessness Federal Response, Homelessness Local Response, Housing Policies.


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