The Security Theory Administrative Governor

Malik Hani Khraisat


This study aims to identify the nature of the security theory and its relation to the Administrative governor, it also aims to determine the nature of the external and internal challenges and their impact on the security of the state. As well as, the study intended to shed light on the powers of the governor and his ability to deal with these challenges and reducing its impact on the security of the state.
To achieve the objectives of the study, it relied on systems methodology because security is affected by a number of internal and external factors, where external stimulus or input devices based on the study of these factors and gather information, which will be analyzed and classified, as this process is called (systems approach). It also based on the decision – making methodology, because of it’s the impact on the governor in dealing with internal challenges and his decision-making ability to face those challenges. The research also relies on the major such as books, studies, previous studies, opinion polls, websites and newspapers.
The study found that concept of "security" in its general from is relative and variable concept, which expands and narrows according to its addressing methods. Additionally, it is a compound concept with several levels (individual, national, regional and international) and diverse dimensions (military, political, economic, social, humanitarian, environmental and cognitive). The study also concluded that the availability of the sense of security serves several objectives, most importantly, protecting achievements, providing public tranquility and the protection of human rights.


Security Theory, Governor

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