The Critical Reading in Light of the Stylistic Theory

Abdallah Anbar


The present research calls for establishing a critical reading which uncovers the stylistic constructions along with any covert strength beyond forming text in certain ways. Such reading aims at discovering the distinguished constructions that have semantically-loaded contents. These distinguished constructions are looked at as aesthetic tools which grant the text its special flavor and authority. The critical reading which this paper attempts to reach opens the door for achieving cultural awareness based on the idea that Literary Criticism conveys the conceptual content that is present inside literary works. This paper claims that the stylistic theory has a very distinguished position in modern literary criticism. The stylistic theory enjoys an aesthetic effect which adds to the reading of literary texts. This theory is based on the following strategies which played a crucial role in analyzing literary works:
1. Stylistic Choice.
2. Stylistic Recurrence.
3. Stylistic Deviation.
4. Replacement.
5. Message.
6. Reception of Texts.
The stylistic theory goes beyond conveying the literal meaning reaching another level which accounts for aesthetic content of literary texts. This theory attempts to reach its goals through finding differences between texts in a dynamic manner. Finally, the stylistic theory contributes to the reading of different constituents which add up to the effectiveness of texts and their semantic contents. The present study is divided into the following two aspects:
- First : The Critical Reading.
- Second : The Stylistic Theory (Concepts and Strategies).


Critical Reading, Stylistic Theorty Text.

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