Woman Self Exchanges in the Novel of" Dareyah" by Sahar Al Mouji

Linda Abd Alrahman Obead


Woman Self in the novel of "Dareyah" by sahar Al-Mouji takes many forms, beginning with woman self under the concept of parental Society, to many forms of Suffering that lead the self to exchange in to another self, which is more ware and recognition, that many produce rebellion events, mixed with hurts based on removing body from authority capavity before removing mind and soul taking the writing work as away for that and suited in that with the ideology of woman free reasoning taken from creative as a method for that, reaching with self in to the stage of freedom, so it enters the stage of separating from the other.
The novel put it's continents over an extensive narrating design based on various narrative techniques, and rich linguistic levels, so from the level of direct language, in to the level of expression poetry language, ending with the level of extensive imaginary dream.
The research depends on analytical text method based on narrative techniques opening on some theories of psychology and sociology with related to rising the self and it's forms and psychological and ideological and biological conflicts with in the society.


Woman Exchange, Daryah Novel.

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