The childhood in Mahmoud Shalbi's poems

Imad Abed alwahab AlDmour


This survey aims to show the impact of the childhood reminisces and its significance of in the poetic contextualization in Shalbi's poems, however these reminisces reflects the real picture of the poet's early childhood days where the nostalgia is in a clear memory connected with time ,place(Palestine) and characters (mother). Reminisces highly shown in Shalbi's poems as a source of struggling and solidarity ,which makes the poet's childhood goes side by side with the liberation struggle against the occupiers. This study uncovers the impact of the childhood psychological implications expressed by the poet himself ,that enriches Shalbi's poems in a direct and clear language reflects his desire to escape from real life through making a friendly belongness with his mother land through his nostalgiacal reminisces.


Mahmoud Shalbi, Childhood, Poems

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