Building the Fragmental Time in the Jordanian Novel "The Wildernesses of Fever" as Model

Naser Ya’qoub


The paper discusses "The Wildernesses of Fever" by Ibrahim Nasrallah. It is one of the modern innovative novels in its temporal structure, not only on the level of the Jordanian novel; but also on the level of the Arabic novel.

The paper analyzes the fragmental time of the novelist in three areas: Time of the story, time of the discourse and time of the context, to show the nature of the time of the story and how it is obvious in the time of discourse. Also, it shows how the fragmental structure deals with the temporal narrative rhythm; through the techniques of narrative acceleration, such as the ellipsis and conclusion, and the techniques of breaking down the narration, like the techniques of scene and description. Moreover, it attempts to show how the aesthetic formation is connected in the discourse of the time of the story with the time of the context (the outside time), in addition to the nature and meaning of this connection.


Time of the Story, Time of Discourse, Time of Context, Event Extension, Narration on Position, Outside Flashbacks, Inside Flashbacks, Flashback Extent, Flashback Period.

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