Domestic Violence Services, Training and Funding in Jordan

Debbie D. Abuelghanam


This research project is based on interviews of organizations that provide domestic violence services in Jordan. The study investigates three basic areas – services provided to domestic violence victims, training provided to staff and/or volunteers of agencies as well as for specialized groups, i.e. police and courts; and the types and amounts of operational funding for the association. The article also attempts to address the definitions within the sphere of Civil Society domestic violence agencies. Many previous investigations have looked specifically at the prevalence of domestic violence in Jordan as well as how society has dealt with the issue. No studies have dealt with training and funding while a few have discussed services. It is hoped that this study will begin filling the gaps in knowledge related to the issue of domestic violence as well as to assist in defining the breath, depth and scope of Civil Society in Jordan(1).


Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women, Family Violence, Jordan, domestic violence services, domestic violence training, domestic violence funding.

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