Pupular Protests Movement in the Jordanian Daily Newspapers and the Desirable Transferences in the Jordanian Society "A Survey Study"

Ali O. Nejadat


Arab societies are living these days, exciting times and historical moments which appear in the political movement and the popular revolutions in the Arab street, in order to stop the wheel of oppression and corruption and to ensure a better future for these societies. A wave of demonstrations and protest marches launched in Jordan across the country simultaneously with the violent Arab protests that erupted earlier in the 2011.
This study aimed at identifying the extent of interest of the Jordanian daily newspapers coverage of the popular protests movements, and the nature of the protesters' demands, and whether the Jordanian government is interested in responding to these demands or not. This study is classified within the descriptive quality of research of interest to study the communication phenomenon of the status quo through the methodology of survey and content analysis.
The study revealed that most important patterns that have addressed the issues and the protests were news and news reports, with a percentage of (86.8%). And that most of the protests came in the form of marches, with a percentage of (57.7%), and the organizers of these marches were from different sectors, the protesters' demands have focused on public issues, with a percentage of (63.1%).
The protesters called for a main demand to fight corruption and the corruptives and to amend the laws governing the lives of constitutional democracy, and the departure of the government and the 16th Lower House.
The study also revealed that the poor performance of the current parliament the 16th, the government and the lack of seriousness in the implementation of reform programs, and the depth of corruption, a reverse tensil forces the anti-reform, will lead to a lack of reforms in Jordan.


Jordanian Protests, Jordanian Press, Jordanian Society

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