The Impact of Private Telvision Stations on the University Students in the Light of the Theory of Social Responsibility

Ibrahim Fuad Al-Khasawneh


This study examined the impact of private television stations on the students of Jordanian university in the light of the theory of social responsibility. The study also aims at identifying the ability to form opinions of students and their role in determining the content of the message up to the viewers, especially college students who follow the events of the media stations.
The study aimed at finding out what was the effect of private media stations in the recipients' knowledge, whatever the quality of programs and levels or sources.
The results of the study reported that the largest percentage of university students follow-up television stations. It becomes a source of access to news and information for Jordanian university students and it competes the traditional media and online journalism. It is the source that has the confidence of viewers, and it is reliable in the follow-up events.
The results showed that the impact of programs of private stations on the study sample was large, and showed that the TV stations as governmental stations have an influential role stems from its social responsibility in the development of knowledge.
The study is classified as exploratory and descriptive, in which the researcher used the questionnaire, which was distributed to a random sample of (600) students of different ages from both male and female gender in six Jordanian universities in the three regions North, East and South.


Jordanian Television Stations, Youth, Social Responsibility

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