The Similarity of the Collective Time in Nasir-Al-Din Al-Assad Poetry

Khalid Al-Jaber, Atif Kan’an


This study seeks to show some of the features of literary creativity with Nasir al-Din al-Assad, and particularly focused on his Poetry in his only poetic issued in 2007. The study provides a definition of the group and texts distributed by (Al-Assad) on two parts: pre age of twenty, and after a century. Then the convergence of the study felt that Assad is trying to approach the manifestation of the emotional depth of the relationship, and cultural interdependence, between the individual self and the poet of the nation to which they belong, ancient and modern. Here they study focused on the exploration of the self-similarity of time in hair Paljmaa Assad, offered for this, including revelations about his hair in his private time, who appeared in:
 Al-Assad self Time in his own life, he lost his father and his mother. He was forced to work in order to live, and then to work in order to be taught at his expense.
 The nation's collective time in his life through the ages.
 Nostalgia, which is the same self-nostalgia collective, poet and self-similarity of the nation.
 The scattering of aspirations and dreams, and the expiration of the era of childhood.


Al-Assad, Time, Collective

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